Lost Items v0.7.0.0820 available !

Less than an hour ago, the new update of Lost Items has been uploaded and has been set live. Here is the changelog !

Before anything, please note that the CHANGELOG file into the installation folder is not updated, neither is the version.txt file. I forgot to update them for the 64 bits version of the game. Nothing important, but I prefer to warn you in case you're curious enough to look at the installation folder.

Yesterday, I posted an announcement on Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook post got a few informations about this version. So... what's important in this version ?

The movement system has been reworked.
Have you ever felt like you were too slow too fast ?
I couldn't play the game more than 5 minutes because I was easily bored of the slow thing. I needed to change it.

Now, the slow is less important but you can't carry more than 7 items (9 items for the Looter). More informations about it at the end of the post.

An important bug has been solved with the ghosts.
I realized the Ghosts were kinda active and were almost always turning. Try to turn at 90° every second, you'll see you will easily become sick of the movement. That was not natural.

It was a bug into the code that I could easily spot when redoing the whole thing (I'm currently working to rewrite the whole code). Now it works properly, the Ghosts randomly walk in a direction for 2-6 tiles. Which is better than 1-2, and very rarely 3.

The item drop has been reworked.
Have you ever wondered why sometimes, when you put the item on the ground, it was put behind the wall and not behind you ?

Okay, don't judge me, it was just a very bad idea. When you pressed the key to put it back on the ground, it tried to find a place where to put it near you. But when you were moving (which is 90% of the case), it was like "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, so put it somewhere else". Because the movement was so strange for the code, sometimes it decided not to put it behind you but far away, because behind you, the game thought there was a wall because you didn't completely finished your movement. Yeah, it's weird, and it's not normal.

So now, I corrected this bug too, and the item is now put at your feet. It needs a bit of improvement as it is sometimes quite weird, but at least it works correctly.

Known bug :
Sometimes, if you try to put your items into the box, it will put the item on the ground. Move somewhere, come back to your box, you'll get your item back. Then press the box carrying key (space by default) and move the box. You can now put the items into the box. I don't know why it happens, but sometimes the box no longer exists for the player.

The jump.
As always, this character comes with a lot of bugs or bad things. This one wasn't a bug, it was "intended" (not exactly intended, but let's assume it was). When you press the jump key, you jump where you look. If you're moving and you press the jump key while moving, it will jump in the same direction than your movement.

For example, if you move to the right and press the jump key, but before the end of the movement you press the up arrow, it will jump on the right. Why ? Because I don't know how to make a game Because I didn't tell the game to check if another key was pressed. Now it's corrected. For the same example, you will jump in towards the top. Better, no ?

Also, I don't know if this was corrected in the last version, but there was a bug when you were jumping while the camera was moving. But it's corrected now. Maybe was it in the last version, but I can't see anything in the changelog. So let's assume it was corrected in this version.

Known bug :
Sometimes, the camera doesn't move enough, so when you reach the top of the maze, there are around two pixels which are hidden. I'm trying to fix this one. It's a minor bug, as you can still play even with this bug. Just tell me if it goes wrong and hides more pixels than I said. If there is half a tile hidden, it's not normal, do not hesitate to report it to losdingtro@gmail.com

So this is all for the important changes. Here is the full changelog
+ The player now have a limit items they can carry. It's up to 7.
+ The looter can carry up to 9 items.
* The slow created by the items is reduced.
* The box slows less than before.
* Pressing a new key while moving right before jumping now determines the direction of the jump.
* The items now drop at the feet and not behind the character.
* The looter now has 45 seconds of infrared sights instead of 60 seconds.
* Reorganization of the res/ folder.
* Corrected a bug that made the ghosts move in a very strange way.
- The box no longer slows differently the fast character.

And about the movement system ?
I saw someone complaining about the fact that the slow system was hidden. So today, I decided to give you informations about it. If you want it to stay a secret, just stop reading now. It will spoil you.

===== CAREFUL : SPOIL =====
For all the characters, each line contains the number of characters carried and the time needed to go from one tile to another. :
- 0 items: 0.295 seconds.
- 1 item: 0.304 seconds.
- 2 items: 0.313 seconds.
- 3 items: 0.323 seconds.
- 4 items: 0.335 seconds.
- 5 items: 0.346 seconds.
- 6 items: 0.357 seconds.
- 7, 8, 9 items (8 and 9 for the Looter only): 0.368 seconds.
As you can see, when the Looter carries its 8th and 9th items, it is not slower than with 7 items carries.

For the speed character:
- 0 items: 0.250 seconds.
- 1 item: 0.257 seconds.
- 2 items: 0.265 seconds.
- 3 items: 0.272 seconds.
- 4 items: 0.280 seconds.
- 5 items: 0.287 seconds.
- 6 items: 0.294 seconds.
- 7 items: 0.304 seconds.

CAREFUL : These values may be changed in the future, and are probably not exact. Depending on your CPU, it may vary a little. The better the CPU, the lower the difference.

Enjoy the new version !


Lost Items Windows 32 bits (Early Access) 54 MB
Version Aug 20, 2017
Lost Items Windows 64 bits (Early Access) 54 MB
Version Aug 20, 2017

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