New update available

A new Lost Items update is available!


+ Added an icon to executable file
+ The initial speed of the fast character is higher than normal.
+ A list of explanations show up when the game starts.
* Corrected a bug where the Jumping character couldn't pick-up items after jumping.
* Improved performances on the higher levels.
* Edited the moving system. Now, the last key pressed is the direction where you go. It is no longer Up Right Down Left order.
* Corrected a bug where the items would appear on the top left of the map when put into the box.
* Moved the Sliders in the Audio settings.
* Corrected the mistake telling the cooldown of the jump were only 30 seconds instead of 45.
* Corrected a bug that showed the wrong key in the settings if the "Cancel" button was pressed after a saved change.


Lost Items Windows 32 bits (Early Access) v0.6.2.0805 (53 MB)
11 days ago
Lost Items Windows 64 bits (Early Access) v0.6.2.0805 (53 MB)
11 days ago

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